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A woman placing in an Invisalign tray.

When patients are considering getting orthodontic treatment involving braces, their first concern is often for their appearance. This is quickly followed by concerns about what they’re going to be able to eat and how that will alter their lifestyle while they wait for that perfect smile. These issues can be resolved by the incredible orthodontic innovation that is the Invisalign system. Capable of addressing a broad range of bite problems and aesthetic concerns, these incredible clear trays are enhancing millions of patients’ lives.

What makes the Invisalign process different from traditional braces is the use of nearly invisible aligning trays that do the work of braces without negative aesthetic consequences. These trays are also removable for up to two hours a day, making it possible for patients to maintain eating their favorite foods and practice normal dental hygiene throughout the process. The reputation for success with the Invisalign system is substantiated by the overwhelming supports of satisfaction with both the process and its results.

What’re The Advantages of Using Invisalign Over Veneers and Traditional Braces?

The most common reason patients choose the Invisalign system is the elimination of concerns over self-consciousness with traditional braces. Invisalign is nearly invisible while being worn, working hard to straighten your teeth as you go through your day without anyone being the wiser. For all their aesthetic benefits, Invisalign® also produces results similar to or better than those of traditional braces. Many patients cite the freedom of food choice as a major contributing factor to their choosing Invisalign® as their orthodontic solution.

Is Invisalign® Convenient To Use?

Patients love the fact that the Invisalign® system only requires 10 to 24 weeks of treatment to produce the desired results. This duration is based on the amount of adjustment that needs to be done to the teeth to reach the desired goal. The ability to remove the liners for special occasions or to enjoy favorite foods not safe for braces makes them the ultimate in convenience for orthodontic solutions.

A smiling woman holding braces and invisalign

Do They Have To Be Removed During Sporting Events?

Quite the contrary! The Invisalign® is durable and protective enough to be worn in place of a mouth guard or other protective gear. Whether you’re participating in High School sports or enjoying biking on the weekends, Invisalign® will ensure that your teeth are protected while they’re making adjustments.

I Grind My Teeth While I Sleep, Will Invisalign® Work For Me?

Not only will you be able to wear your Invisalign® trays if you grind your teeth, but you may also experience some relief from the pain caused by bruxism. Invisalign® serves as a protective layer between your teeth as well as a cushion and can lead to a reduction in pain from this condition.

A Good Bite Is About More Than A Pretty Smile

While many patients are focused on the aesthetic improvements they’ll experience while using Invisalign®; a good bite comes with added benefits. Chewing food can be made easier and more effective, leading to easier digestion. Bad bites can cause pain in the joints around the mouth and contribute to TMJ disorder. With Invisalign®, your teeth will be straighter, your bite better, and these conditions eased.

If you think that Invisalign® is the right choice for your orthodontic needs, or are wondering if you’re a good fit for this system, call today. We’ll schedule an appointment with our staff for a consultation. During this meeting, you’ll go through a normal check-up with the dentist and hygienist, and your options for orthodontic treatment will be discussed. With Invisalign®, you could have that smile you always dreamed of, without sacrificing your favorite foods!